Axial Theatre Presents Dead Man's Cell Phone

Axial Theatre located in St. Johns Church on Sunnyside Avenue in Pleasantville presents "Dead Man's Cell Phone" by Sarah Ruhl, Directed by Rachel Jones 

In a quiet café, a woman answers a ringing cell phone, not knowing that its owner is dead. She soon finds herself wrapped up in his bizarre past as she plays comforter to his grieving family and keeper of his illicit affairs, both business and personal. This comedy [by Pulitzer prize finalist and MacArthur “Genius” grant recipient Sarah Ruhl] forces us to realize that we need to rely on one another a little more and our gadgets a little less.

Michael E. Boyle, Jr. 
Lori Franzese 
Gail Greenstein 
Nancy Intrator 
Siobhan McKinley 
Kristen Odell 
Duane Rutter 
Susan Ward

"Satire is her oxygen. . . . In her new oddball comedy, Dead Man's Cell Phone, Sarah Ruhl is forever vital in her lyrical and biting takes on how we behave." - The Washington Post

"Ruhl's zany probe of the razor-thin line between life and death delivers a fresh and humorous look at the times we live in." - Variety

"...beguiling new comedy...Ms. Ruhl's work blends the mundane and the metaphysical, the blunt and the obscure, the patently bizarre and the bizarrely moving." - New York Times

Axial Theatre is an ensemble-based Westchester theatre organization comprised of artists committed to creating professional theater and a vital educational experience for emerging artists. Axial Theatre is committed to producing plays, both new and old, that speak to issues relevant to today’s world.

       Axial, a performing professional Westchester regional theatre ensemble, offers programs in acting for children, teens and adults, and     workshops for aspiring playwrights. Individuals who have taken Programs and others may be invited to become members of the Ensemble. Members of the Ensemble are invited as playwrights, actors, directors and also design and technical positions. Professional guest artists are invited to teach and also perform along with the ensemble.

All of our original plays come out of extensive collaborative dramaturgical processes between guest and company writers and the entire company. This work takes place in our bi-monthly developmental reading series, Axial Playwrights. We are committed to presenting the plays in readings, workshop and finished presentations, so as to incorporate audience feedback towards the completion of each play.

We also provide education in the theatre arts to our community. Howard Meyer's Acting Program, a project of Axial Theatre, Inc., offers training for actors and playwrights at all levels of experience. The guiding principle of this Program is to foster truth in creative expression in a supportive environment committed to individualized attention.

For information about performances through May 17th and to buy tickets click on this link.



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