Give the Gift of a Positive Mindset This Valentine’s Day

Susie Mordoh’s Feel the Love Transformation Cards: 
A Calorie-Free Way to Spread the Love

Scientists have proven a large part of our happiness is under our control—genes, behaviors, and environmental factors aside, how we think and act in our day to day activities has a large influence on how we feel. But how can we easily remind ourselves to be more positive during the daily grind, or even in tough times? Enter: The Feel the Love Transformation Cards.

Created by Briarcliff Manor resident Susie Mordoh, the Feel the Love Transformation Cards stem from the mantra ‘a shift in thought can change everything.’ The deck includes 53 universal truths that inspire users to set an intention for the day. The cards retail for $14.95 and are available on Amazon.com. Mordoh launched the original deck—in blue and orange—last year, but recently redesigned the cards in pink, just in time for Valentine’s Day. These cards are the perfect calorie-free gift reminding the recipient they are loved 365 days per year.

“I knew this was a way to help anyone that was open to receiving a little spiritual guidance,” says Mordoh, who is a public speaker and a personal development coach. “I have always felt the nudge to create a deck of my own as a ‘low tech-high touch’ way to help guide a more main stream audience in need of a spiritual hug.”

Selecting a card takes only a few seconds, but can have a lasting effect throughout the day. Simply knock on the deck to clear the energy from the day before, shuffle, and select a card. The selected card serves as the message for the day, creating an intention that’s meaningful for the user. The beautifully designed box easily stores the deck, but also displays the daily message to serve as a gentle reminder of the intention throughout the day. Messages include: “Be discerning with your energy,” “Choose Happiness,” and “Aspire to Inspire.”

“Sometimes we need a little guidance or support in our day,” says Mordoh. “It can be as simple as a few words of encouragement to nudge us back to center. This deck was created as an easy way to remind people they can always access good vibes by choosing what feels right to them.”

Quickly coined as ‘Vitamins for the Soul’ by fans, these cards have been well-received by consumers nationwide. "The ripple effect has been incredible as individuals, families, businesses, and classrooms around the world are using the cards to to add mindfulness to achieve their goals," Mordoh says.


About Susie Mordoh

Susie Mordoh is a “Messenger of Love” and created the Feel the Transformation Cards from the messages that made the most differences to her as she made positive changes in her life. When she isn’t running her award-winning event planning business, Greater Than We, Susie enjoys exercising her athletic soul, speaking about her spiritual approach, and snapping pictures for ideas and inspiration for her next passion project. For more information, visit SusieMordoh.com.



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