Results of Lead Testing in Water at Pleasantville Schools

Last spring, the Pleasantville Union Free School District voluntarily and proactively tested water at all water drinking sources in our District schools. Those tests were performed in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s testing procedures, which allowed for “first draw” and “second draw” tests to determine whether or not lead content in the water exceeded the EPA’s allowable level of 0.015mg/L. Using that procedure, only one location was found to be above those levels and we mitigated the source.

On September 6, Governor Cuomo signed a new bill into law that requires New York schools to test all water sources for lead contamination.  The new regulations mandate districts to test all potential water sources including bathroom sinks, custodial slop sinks, outdoor spigots, science prep room sinks, and lab sinks among all others required.

To comply with the new law, we tested all potential water sources in the District. I have received the results from the recently performed water testing for every water source district wide. To summarize, one typical hand washing sink and some seldom used sinks tested slightly above recommended levels for lead, those sources (listed below) have been tagged “for hand washing only” or shut off.  


Bedford Road School:

  •            1 custodial slop sink in the 3rd floor boy’s bathroom (tagged)


Pleasantville Middle School: 

  •            6 science lab sinks and 1 unused old kitchen sink (all tagged)


Pleasantville High School:

  •          1 gym lobby boy’s bathroom sink (shut off)
  •          12 science lab sinks (tagged)
  •          1 custodial slop sink (tagged)
  •          1 green room sink (tagged)
  •          1 stage prep room sink (tagged)


We have reported the results to the Westchester County Health Department, as required by the new law, and have posted the results for review on our District website.

The health and safety of our students and staff are our highest priority and I will continue to keep you informed on these and other issues should they arise.

Mary Fox-Alter

Cumulative Lead Testing Lab Results


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