New Text Hotline to Report NYS Hate Crime

Letter from Governor Cuomo
Fellow New Yorker,
This week brought yet another series of bomb threats directed at our state’s Jewish community.
Make no mistake: When you attack our Jewish community, you attack all New Yorkers. And I vow that we are doing everything in our power to catch those responsible for these anti-Semitic attacks.
In an effort to combat the rise in these attacks and other bias-related discrimination, my administration is investing $25 million to boost safety and security at New York’s religious schools and daycare centers. Children should not be under threat because of their school's ideology, beliefs or mission.
And that’s not all. Recent enhancements to state resources now give citizens the ability to report hate crimes with a simple text message. But we need your help to make sure as many people as possible know about the resources available to help fight back against hate.
There is no place for hate or discrimination in New York. We need to stand together and remain vigilant against these attacks on our communities. Will you share this news now to help spread the word about our new effort to make New Yorkers safe? This new text hotline is crucial to help easily report a hate crime and gather evidence to assist in bringing criminals to justice.


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