Town votes to approve Plymouth Skate Park

The town will get its skate park after all! Last night, the vote was 110 in favor over 50 against using $70,000 in unused state grant money to help build the $87,000 Plymouth Skate Park.

The Plymouth Town Council held a Town Meeting at Terryville High School last night for residents to vote on the issue, which was first approved by the Town Council and then rejected by the Board of Finance. A ballot vote of 2/3 or more was needed to approve the skate park.

Citing the current poor conditions of many of the roads in town, Board of Finance members and several residents said they disapproved of the town using the unspent grant money, which was initially set aside for road improvements, to help build the skate park.

Mayor Dave Merchant had argued that the $70,000 wouldn't even fix a mile of roadway in town and said he was in favor of the project.

Fundraisers for the Skate Park have raised $5,000 and the town will provide $12,000.

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