Former HamletHub Editor Pens Debut Novel, "The Unmasking of the Truth"

Former HamletHub editor, writer, professor, and Riverdale, NY resident adds “author” to her list of accomplishments!

Bayley Seton has just released her first book, a novel, titled “The Unmasking of the Truth”.

The novel tells the story of Billy Quinn, a sanitation worker in Brooklyn, and his Irish-American family. The sociopathic behavior of one of the Quinn’s adult children propels the family into mayhem and it becomes evident that Billy isn't the only one hiding behind a mask.

“The Unmasking of the Truth” is now available as a Kindle book, as an EPub and on BookBaby as a paperback (coming to Amazon in late December.)

Bayley Seton has worked as an editor, college professor, freelance journalist, and corporate technical writer. Bayley's journalism earned her a press club award in 2014. This is her debut novel. She lives in New York with her wife, sons, and a cat named "Nicodemus."

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