Redding Police Officers Put Down Razors To Raise Funds For Locals Battling Cancer

It’s almost November and that means… Redding police officers will put down their razors to raise funds for local cancer patients and their families.

The funds raised benefit the  Connecticut Cancer Foundation (CCF) Cancer Patient Assistance Program to provide assistance to Connecticut cancer patients in support of their basic needs: rent/mortgage, utilities and food. Cancer becomes a financial burden to so many every day. Jobs placed on hold; mortgages unpaid; increased medical co-pays, etc. Patients and their families should never have to worry about going hungry or being evicted from their homes during treatment.

For the entire month of November, our officers will not shave. Can you support them with a donation? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your donation will go to CT cancer patients.

Click HERE to support our officers and locals in need! 

Learn more about Connecticut Cancer Foundation.



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