Anna Raimondi Shares Conversations with Mary at The Ridgefield Playhouse on Nov. 8

On the heals of her new book Conversations with Mary (10/17/17- Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster) spiritual counselor, medium, author, and Wilton resident, Anna Raimondi will take the Ridgefield Playhouse stage on November 8.

I had the pleasure of talking with Anna about her upcoming show and her powerful Conversations with Mary.

1. How exciting is it for you to be back doing a show at The Ridgefield Playhouse? 
The Playhouse is a great venue for so many reasons.  It’s home to me, it’s filled with such great energy and the people are terrific.  I can feel energy from everyone, no matter where they sit.  I am thrilled to be there for what will be my third time and look forward to helping all those who attend learn, heal and more importantly, open up their hearts.
2. CONGRATS on your new book! How did “Conversations with Mary” come about and how would you describe it?  
I saw and heard Mother Mary for the first time when I was a young child and she has continued to communicate with me my whole life.  A little over a year ago, she told me that she desired that I share her messages with the world.  She orchestrated how this would come to be. Shortly thereafter, “coincidentally” someone from Simon & Schuster came in for a reading and asked me to submit a proposal about a book about Mary!  I had a book deal within a few months without ever having a literary agent.  This is very uncommon. It was Mary opening the right doors and allowing me to get her voice out to the masses.
3. How far back does your faith go and what lead you to the spiritual career that you have had for so many years? 
I have been communicating with the other side my entire life.  My parents allowed me to develop my gift so that I could help others.  I am just the vehicle that Spirit uses to help people on their life journeys.
4. What would you say has been the most amazing spiritual experience that you have ever had? 
Communicating with Mary is pretty big! 
5. Tell me about your Ridgefield Playhouse performance on November 8  
It is going to be wonderful.  I will be sharing so tools for peace and love from “Conversations with Mary,” walking the audience through a beautiful meditation and of course, conducting a reading for those in the audience.  Also, Raissa Katonna Bennett, a Broadway singer, will be gracing us with her beautiful voice.  And each person who attends will receive a signed copy of “Conversations with Mary.”  She is coming through for all people regardless of race, color or creed. Mary is here to help save the entire world.
Tickets are still available for Anna’s show at or you can call the box office at ‭1 (203) 438-5795‬. Anna’s book “Conversations With Mary” is now available wherever books are sold!