Manifest Your Dreams for 2018: Workshop at Redding Meditation Center on January 11

Manifest Your Dreams for 2018: Workshop with Khristee on Thursday, January 11 from 6 PM - 8 PM at the Redding Center for Meditation (9 Picketts Ridge Rd).

This powerful workshop at the beautiful, serene Redding Meditation Center will help you to ground your desires and dream BIG for 2018.

Before the workshop, please take some time to think what you wish to manifest for 2018. Think BIG intentions. Bring those desires with you to this workshop.

In this workshop, you will meditate, set your intentions, receive a group Reiki/shamanic healing experience, release your worries and fears and make room for your desires for 2018. Khristee will share her intuitive visions of what she sees for you for 2018.

Khristee is a Reiki Practitioner/Shaman with 15 years experience in Reiki and shamanism and over 20 years studying alternative health and wellness. Her healing sessions are powerful and her clairvoyant images add another level to the healing.

This is Khristee's first group healing at the Redding Meditation Center. A fabulous way to start the New Year!

*For your comfort, chairs and meditations cushions and blankets will be provided. If you wish for additional comfort you may bring your own pillows and blankets. You may also bring photos of friends and loved ones who you wish to have healing.

In the case of hazardous weather, the event will be postponed.

To learn more, visit the Facebook event page here.


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