What's Happening with 2020 and 2021 Redding Road Races?

Redding Running Festival 9K/5K/Double Challenge – 10/24/20

  •          We worked with the Town of Redding to try to get this approved. Just got notified we won’t be receiving approval due the current spike in the virus around Redding.  Registrants will be deferred at no cost to next year’s race, scheduled for 6/26/21.

The Great Turkey Escape, Thanksgiving Morning, 2020

  •          TBD, but highly doubtful due to the size of the race. I never opened up registration. I won’t be doing a virtual “money grab” race but if there’s no race there’s no reason you can’t run the course on your own at any time, including Thanksgiving morning.

The Redding Road Race, 5/2/2021

  •          We’ll open up registration for this race on 1/1/21 at noon for the couple of hundred registrations available after all deferrals are accounted for
  •          We will list an alternative date of 10/10/21 for this race if 5/2/21 proves impossible.


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