Connecticut Challenge Cyclists Ride Through Redding Today

Redding First Selectwoman Julia Pemberton alerted the community that today, Saturday, July 31 is the CT Challenge bike ride and cyclists will be coming through Redding this morning from their starting point at the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church.
The riders coming through Redding will be doing 50, 75 and 100-mile rides.  Their first rest stop is at the town green. The other Redding rest stop is on the way back to Fairfield on Rt. 58 by St. Patrick's church. "The event is near and dear to me. Great people. Great cause," says Pemberton. 
According to Pemberton, prior to the ride, the cyclists are reminded of the rules of the road. Cyclists are allowed by law to ride two abreast although they should drop into single file as a courtesy in traffic. They are also permitted to ride as far into the lane as necessary to ride safely from any debris on the shoulder of the road. Vehicles must provide a 3 foot distance while passing cyclists.
Learn more about CT Challenge here


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