Pick Your Own Pumpkins in CT & NY

A fall classic, pumpkin picking is in season at several farms in Connecticut and New York.

Feel like day-tripping for pumpkins? We made a list of some of the popular pumpkin picking destinations.

Jones Family Farms is located at 266 Israel Hill Road, Shelton, CT.

Jones Family Farm says, "Visit our Market Yard for pumpkins, gourds and squash in all shapes, colors and sizes. Or take a hayride to our nearby pumpkin patches to choose a pumpkin straight from the field. All of our pumpkins are cut off the vine and ready to be taken home."

Phone: (203) 929-8425

Warrups Farm is located at 51 John Read Road, West Redding, CT.

Warrup’s Farm is a small farm using organic methods, operated by the Hill family. The farm stand open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm between July-October.

"Each year, we produce our own maple syrup, make maple sugar candies, harvest our own garlic, make hay and celebrate the harvest season with fall vegetables, pumpkin picking, and hayrides," Warrups Farm explains.

Phone: (203) 938-9403

Grieg Farm is located at 227 Pitcher Ln, Red Hook, NY. 

Enjoy 400 acres of rustic charm, make friends with the goats, and shop the farmers market seven days a week.

According to the farm's website, Grieg Farm features pick your own blueberries, blackberries, apples and pumpkins!

Located in nearby Bethel at 125 Plumtrees Rd., a fall favorite is Blue Jay Orchards. While the farm has a large pumpkin patch, they don't offer "pick your own". They stated on their website: "Blue Jay must grow our pumpkins at another location because even with 120 acres we don't have enough open space to produce all the pumpkins that we sell during the fall. Our pumpkins are harvested and brought to Blue Jay and placed in our patch assuring you a great pumpkin for the fall".

Phone: (203) 748-0119

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