RVNA Health Source: Travel in the Time of Cholera

RVNA now offers recently-approved Cholera vaccine, Vaxchora 

The word ‘Cholera” almost sounds old-fashioned or fictional. But for those at risk, or who contract it, it’s decidedly not. 

Cholera is a disease that can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting. At worst, and if not treated quickly, Cholera can lead to dehydration and even death. While very rare among US citizens, it is a risk to those traveling to parts of Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. Cholera appears most commonly in people with longer stays and limited access to safe food and water – often travelers visiting friends and relatives, and those performing humanitarian work in outbreak settings. 

In addition to recommending strict adherence to safe food and water precautions, the FDA recently approved a single-dose cholera vaccine for use in the US. This vaccine is now available at RVNA for travelers ages 18-64 who schedule an RVNA Travel Consultation or bring a physician prescription. 

RVNA has already vaccinated patients traveling to Ghana and India. “Cholera is rare, but can be severe and fast-acting,” says Community Health Nurse, April Rodriguez. “Vaxchora is critical for travelers to areas of high cholera transmission.” And while Rodriguez admits that Vaxchora doesn’t taste “the best,” it’s a small price to pay for cholera-free travel.


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