Town of Redding Storm Update: Water Available, 25 Blocked Roads, Line Crew in Town

Town of Redding Storm Isaias Update

This afternoon, First Selectman, Julia Pemberton reported the following:

- 3 Eversource line crews have arrived in town. These are line crews who will be working to restore power.
- There are many questions about mass communication regarding the 4pm restoration estimate. Like most of you, I am doubtful. I have a call and text into Eversource to determine the legitimacy of this message.


25 roads in Redding remain blocked with trees and downed wires. Clearing these to open roads requires a make safe crew that consists of a couple of tree workers and one lineman. We currently do not have a tree crew in town. (We did have a tree crew last night)

- A hose is set up at Town Hall and the community center for water for general purposes. It is not drinkable. Bring your own containers.
- Joel Barlow High School also has a hose for water and it is drinking water.
- Charge your phones outdoors at the community center via generator