Ancona's Flash Sale Monday: 2018 Cesari Justo for under $10

Its a happy Flash Sale Monday with 2018 Cesari Justo, a beautiful Italian red

We're off to Veneto, Italy today to present you the 2018 Cesari Justo- a totally crushable red.  60% Corvina, 40% Merlot.  Perfect for end of summer afternoons on the terrace, or Sunday famiglia dinners alike, and for under $10 today, this beauty is a no-brainer.  

You have 24 hours to shop it, once the 24 hours pass, the offer is gone!

Regular Price: $14.99

Flash Sale Price: $9.99 regardless of quantity

Purchase it NOW.

My tasting notes: The name Justo comes from a combination of the English word Just and the Italian word Giusto – meaning Right. This wine is an appassimento style wine – the grapes are dried for a short period of time – about 20 days – thereby creating a wine that is “just right”. Bright, ruby red color. Notes of ripe fruit, cherries, plum carry from nose to palate. Bold structure, but with a smooth and velvety mouth feel. Easy to drink, easy to pair.  Goes very well with grilled meats, lamb, Bolognese pasta dishes, game and assorted cheese platters. What's not to love?

 Purchase it NOW.


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