Reader's Choice: Jessica Collins Picks 3 Favorite Living Authors

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Collins, Ridgefield-based photographer and major book lover. Our conversation spanned a ridiculously broad range of books, and the question came up, who's your favorite living author? Here are Jessica's picks...for today. Who are yours?

Answering this has proven challenging because I love so many different writers for different reasons. There is no way I can pick just one, and these are a few who jumped out at me right now. In a month, the list could be slightly different, although I would still sing the praises of these writers in addition to some new ones.

Rebecca Johns. I couldn't put "The Countess" down. It was very different from her first novel, "Icebergs," but I really like her style, and I definitely recommend her work. She is one of the only writers whose book I had to run out and buy as soon as it came out.

Betsy Prioleau. "Swoon & Seductress." Aside from being the professor who had the greatest impact on me and introduced me to so many great works, her books are amazing.

Ann Patchett. I loved how well I knew the characters in "The Patron Saint of Liars" and wanted to read more of her work after finishing that book.

Who are your favorite living writers?


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