Barlow Lax and Keough's Team Up To Help Hurricane Victims

The Joel Barlow Lacrosse program and Keough’s Paint and Hardware are teaming up to provide some relief to victims of the recent hurricanes.

The plan is for the hardware store to donate five gallon flood buckets that people can use to help restore their homes.  Included in the buckets are items such as laundry detergent, cleaning wipes, dust masks, rubber gloves, scrub brush and other items.

Keough’s is making these items available at cost, with a complete bucket priced at $54.  The combined group is now looking for sponsors of the buckets, and that can be done by visiting https://www.jesseleechurch.com/relief.

After taking donations through September 24, the Barlow Lacrosse team and Keough’s will meet up at the store to assemble the buckets and get them ready to ship to the needed areas.  


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