Wooster School Cross Country Teams Weekend Wins!

Today was a great day for the Generals! Both teams took home the win on an extremely difficult course. 

The Wooster Boys were led by senior Lucas Fink followed by Bennett Wattles, Neil Cappola and Juan Espinoza (places 5,6,7,8). 

The team has been working incredibly hard to increase their capacity to take on the infamous South Kent course and today it paid off. 
 The boys charged the hill and passed runners on the up hill. Luke came flying down the hill in 5th earning himself a medal. Great job Generals!

The Wooster Girls ran an incredible race led by junior Lauren Guzzardi (2nd). Caylynn Maldonado and JuliA Bauer finished 4th and 5th earning all three girls medals. 

The girls ran a strong race . Junior Ingrid Li really found her stride this week finishing 4th for the Generals.


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