Danny Lyons: Thirty Years & Still Singing On WEBE108

Thirty years ago, Danny Lyons joined the WEBE108 team, taking the midday slot on weekdays and creating a comfortable Lyon's Den for listeners.

Today, Danny is one of the most recognized radio personalities in the region and serves as Operations Manager for Cumulus’ Bridgeport radio stations WEBE and WICC. What's more, this community advocate rolls up his sleeves up to help nonprofit organizations, taking strides against breast cancer and serving on the Board of Directors for the “Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut”.  Danny is the founder of WEBE108's Christmas Wish Foundation and WEBE's Kids' Fest. 

We sat down with this philanthropic radio personality to ask him a few questions about his life in WEBE Land.  

Where has the time gone? Did you ever think when you joined the team at WEBE you’d be there for three decades? 

Wow, where has the time gone? I've been having too much fun to notice and the best part is that we are such a family that, even with the offers to join other radio stations along the way, it never occurred to me to go anywhere else.

What’s it like in The Lyon’s Den?

Safe! I'm just your best friend playing your favorite songs and keeping you company at work.

Best part of your job?  

Singing along to the songs in a soundproof room where no one can hear me. I am a terrible singer!  I became a DJ because I figured if I couldn't sing them, I could at least play them. I enjoy being able to do lots of appearances and interact with our listeners and I am fortunate that I can do community service and reach lots of people that are in a position to make a difference.

You started the WEBE108 Christmas Wish Foundation*. Tell me about that.

I started the WEBE108 Christmas Wish when I came to WEBE108 in 1987. It always makes us feel good that we can help make the holidays special for so many people in the area. The hardest part is not being able to grant all the many wishes that we do receive. All year long my listeners come up to me and tell me how many times they have cried on the way home listening to the stories. We have all shared some tears when editing the stories. It's a great way to get perspective on your life.

What do you do during commercial breaks?

We are always prepping ahead for what's coming up. Checking traffic conditions, updating weather and talking to listeners.

Craziest day on the air?

Reporting the Sandy Hook story. We were getting information about just how tragic it was, long before we could confirm or report it, so it was hard to stay unemotional on the air. Our hearts still break thinking about what the families endured.

Favorite song?

I love so many of the pops songs that are out today, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran to name one. The Eagles are my all-time favorite group.

Know someone who needs a Christmas Wish granted? Share their story with Danny:


WEBE108 Christmas Wish

Box 5108

Westport, CT 06881

Or on the web: webe108.com