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The Town of Redding Planning and Zoning Commission is updating the Plan of Conservation and Development, or POCD. The State requires that towns update their POCD every ten years, and the last comprehensive update was done in 2008.

The Planning Commission has been working on the POCD update with the goal of having the Plan adopted before the end of 2019. The State’s Growth Principles for inclusion in local POCDs include focusing on revitalizing regional centers, expanding housing opportunities, concentrating development around transportation corridors, conserving the natural environment, protecting cultural and historic resources, and integrating planning across all levels of government.

As part of this update, the Board of Selectmen is seeking input from community members to determine community values, generate ideas, and encourage participation in the POCD process. The Plan will guide Redding’s policies and priorities over the next 10 years. Filling out this survey will assist us greatly as we commence this important undertaking.

Thank you for your participation.

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