Go to the Movies! The Prospector Theater is Cool, Clean, and Box Office Favorities On Screen!

Too hot to trot? Head to The Prospector Theater where it's cool, clean, and entertaining! The summer is chockful of box-office favorites and with every ticket, popcorn, or beverage you purchase you support the nonprofit theater's awesome mission of providing meaningful employment of adults with disabilities. 

Val Jensen, The Prospector Theater founder and visionary has implemented many safety measures to assure Theater-goers are safe and happy. "The theater is super clean, and each theater is equipped with fresh air intakes," says Jensen. Theater capacity has been reduced by more than 70%. "This provides lots of distance between movie-goers," she adds. What's more, Jensen says, the AC is COLD, the popcorn hot, and the Pepsi is bubbling! Oh, and there are new beers on tap and the Prospects are sparkling! 

Now, go to the movies! 

Now on-screen at The Prospector Theater

Multiple Showtimes

7/8 @ 7PM

Coming July 10th - 16th

Starting July 10th

Multiple Showtimes

Starting July 10th

Multiple Showtimes

7/11 @ 7PM

Starting July 12th

Multiple Showtimes

7/13 @ 7PM

The Prospector is located at 25 Prospect Street in Ridgefield. Learn more here.


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