Jenifer Wyss: Candidate, Town of Redding Board of Finance

Balancing the differing needs and wants of Redding taxpayers requires careful and attentive consideration by the Board of Finance.

For the past year, I have attended nearly every Board of Finance meeting to gather a deep understanding of the financial issues and concerns of the Town of Redding. Additionally, I have attended Board of Selectman and Board of Education meetings to obtain greater depth to that understanding. I believe it is important to understand the issues from multiple perspectives.

Those meetings have enabled me to meet with town officials and residents, and to hear the varying opinions of town residents, both financial and non-financial. By attending those meetings, I believe that I have a solid grasp on what is financially important to the taxpayers of Redding.

If elected to the Board of Finance, I promise to listen and weigh the views of each taxpayer equally, ask questions that ensure the taxpayers’ tax dollars are utilized properly, make well thought-out decisions and spend as much time as necessary to get the job done right.

I am thankful for the opportunity to run for the Board of Finance and hopefully serve this fantastic community. I ask for your support in November.