Redding Republicans Endorse Fall Slate headed by Michael Thompson, Selectman

The Redding Republicans endorsed a slate of candidates for this November’s municipal election, to be headed by Michael Thompson, who will be running for a third term on the Board of Selectmen. The announcement was made following the Republican caucus, which was held on Tuesday evening at Town Hall. The slate had been previously endorsed by the Republican Town Committee.

“We are proud to announce a very strong slate of highly qualified candidates for these important town positions and are grateful to have so many talented individuals who are committed to serve our town,” commented, RTC Vacancy Chair, Ward Mazzucco. “We are particularly pleased that Michael Thompson will be heading our slate and that we also have an unusually strong field of highly qualified candidates running for key board and commission seats as well as other town offices.

In reacting to the endorsement, Mr. Thompson said, “I am honored to have the support of the Republican Town Committee as I seek reelection and look forward to serving our community on the Board of Selectmen for another two years. As the state legislature considers reductions in municipal aid and the possible shifting of additional pension and health care obligations to smaller communities like Redding, it is imperative that we be diligent in our efforts to control spending while maximizing each tax dollar to provide the essential services our Town requires. Advancing the foreclosure process in Georgetown and identifying the most realistic path forward at the Gilbert and Bennett site will remain of primary importance to me. I will continue to work in a bipartisan manner with my colleagues on the Board of Selectmen to create an environment for a successful result in Georgetown while keeping Redding a unique, safe and enjoyable place to live.”

Mr. Thompson is a litigation attorney and a partner in the law firm of Wiggin and Dana. He and his wife, Kim, and their two children have resided in Redding since 2002.

The full Republican slate of candidates for office is listed below:

Selectman: Michael Thompson

Town Clerk: Michele Grande*

Treasurer: Wes Higgins

Tax Collector: Patricia Moisio*

Board of Finance: Laurie Richardson, Jenifer Wyss, Lewis Goldberg**

Redding Board of Education: Laura Hoeing, John Reilly

Region 9 Board of Education: Kevin Murray, Frank Taylor

Planning Commission: Anda Cummings, Steven Gagnon

Zoning Commission: Theodore Ogonek

Zoning Board of Appeals: Jill Cilo

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate: Trevor Furrer, Chuck Cilo

Board of Assessment Appeals: Greg Stackpole

Constable: William Cook, Urs Furrer

 Cross-endorsed

* For 4 year term; other two BOF candidates for 6 year terms

Full background statements on the candidates will be available soon on the Republican Town Committee’s website, www.reddingrepublicans.org/candidates.

Photo Caption: (left to right): Michael Thompson, Selectman; Anda Cummings, Planning Commission; John Reilly, Board of Education; Steve Gagnon, Planning Commission; Jenifer Wyss, Board of Finance; Chuck Cilo, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate; Jill Cilo, Zoning Board of Appeals; Laura Hoeing, Board of Education; Pat Moisio, Tax Collector; Lewis Goldberg, Board of Finance; Laura Richardson, Board of Finance; Frank Taylor, Region 9 Board of Education. Not present for photo: Wes Higgins, Treasurer; Michele Grande, Town Clerk; Keven Murray, Region 9 Board of Education; Theodore Ogunek, Zoning Commission; Greg Stackpole, Board of Assesment Appeals; Trevor Furrer, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate; Bill Cook and Urs Furrer, Constable.


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