Absentee Ballots for Redding's August 26, 2019 Referendum Available Now

Absentee Ballots for Referendum 

On August 26, 2019, a referendum will be held to vote on the expenditure of up to $2,950,000 for a three-year road reconstruction plan to be funded through short term borrowing pending long term financing as recommended by the Board of Finance.  Voting will be held at Redding Elementary School, 33 Lonetown Road, Redding, CT from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Absentee ballots for the referendum will be available at the Town Clerk’s Office starting Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Absentee ballots for referendum cannot be mailed – voter must appear in person at the Town Clerk’s Office or complete an application and appoint a designee to pick up the ballot. See information below for the application process.

The question will appear on the ballot as follows:

“Shall the Town of Redding approve the expenditure of not more than $2,950,000 for a three year road reconstruction plan to be funded by short term borrowing pending long term financing, as recommended by the Board of Finance?”

Apply for an Absentee Ballot for the Referendum

Absentee balloting is available for those individuals who cannot vote in person for one of the following reasons:  active service in the armed forces; absence from town during all hours of the referendum; physical disability; illness; or religious tenets.

An application must be delivered to the Town Clerk’s Office at which time the ballot will be given to the applicant.  If the applicant is unable to come in person, he or she can designate a member of their family to pick up their ballot and return it to the town clerk.  An application must still first be completed and delivered to the Town Clerk with the designation of a family member to hand carry the ballot.  Since this referendum is being held with less than 3 weeks notice, absentee ballots cannot be mailed by the town clerk.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are designating someone to pick up your ballot, you can complete the application and file with the Town Clerk at any time.  The ballot will then be issued to your designee.

An Application for Absentee Ballot for Referendum Authorized to be Held with Less Than 3 Weeks Notice – Form ED-3R, can be picked up at the Town Clerk’s Office or downloaded by clicking here.  The completed and signed form must be presented to the Town Clerk’s Office at which time an absentee ballot will be issued to either the applicant or the applicant’s designee.

Completed absentee ballots may be either hand-delivered or mailed to the Town Clerk’s Office, but must be received no later than 5:30 p.m. on the day of the referendum.


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