Shaban receives key endorsements from state and local police organizations

Last week John Shaban received key endorsements from state and local police organizations in support of his re-election as State Representative for the 135 Assembly District (Easton, Redding, Weston).  Shaban served as State Representative for 135th for three terms from 2011 to 2017, and did not run for a fourth term, opting instead to run for US Congress. 

On Thursday Shaban was endorsed by the Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police, wherein John Krupinksy, CT-FOP President, wrote :

“There is no question in our mind that you will support law enforcement and keep the people of your district safe at a time when law and order has never been so important.  I urge all citizens living in your Representative District to join us in voting for you and keep your communities safe.”

On the same day Shaban also received the endorsement of the Weston Police Department from its Union President, Officer James Boyles.  While in office Shaban received the 2016 Legislator of the Year award from the CT Police Chiefs Association, and accommodations from the CT State Police Union, for his support of law enforcement and his work on police reforms.

Shaban wrote “I am proud to receive the endorsement of our state and local police communities.  We can and should support both our police and our comminutes through balanced and well-considered legislation, rather than unneeded and politically driven ‘reforms’ focused more on headlines than public safety.” 

Picture Credits: 

Weston Police Union President Officer James Boyles congratulating John Shaban on his endorsement. (contributed by campaign)

CT-FOP President John Krupinsky congratulating John Shaban on his endorsement (contributed by campaign)


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