Redding Letter: We Need Julia Pemberton and Peg O’Donnell to Lead Redding

Julia Pemberton and Peg O’Donnell have proven records of significant accomplishment, especially in these challenging times. 

Vote to keep them in place, Julia as First Selectwoman and Peg as Selectwoman.  

With NO tax increase for 3 years and new revenue brought in, they have improved town services including social services, moved the needle significantly forward on the Georgetown debacle, ensured excellence in our schools, brought additional money to Redding for local projects including funds to protect the open space we all cherish and have done an outstanding job addressing the roads issue. 

Additionally, they are leading the town through this most difficult COVID time, depending on science to protect each of us. Bringing the vaccine clinics to us, making it extremely easy and comfortable to protect ourselves and those around us, was no easy feat- done magnificently. 

They are also both extremely approachable, listening to and then working to solve the problems of any individual in town. 

Our plea goes out to all voters to keep them in place. Now, it is more critical than ever to have the right people leading our town. 

We are all stakeholders. It matters greatly who’s leading our town. 

Make the right decision to stay on a good course. 

Peggy and Steve Zamore

5 Kimberly Dr.

Redding, CT 06896


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