Updates on Plane Crash in Danbury

A plane crashed on Miry Brook Road at approximately 10:25 yesterday morning behind the dog park, across the street from Danbury Airport. All 3 passengers were injured, with one in critical condition. HamletHub covered the event yesterday (found here), where you can check out more information from the day of, and how that day unfolded.

HamletHub has reached out to Danbury Police Department for more information and is awaiting a call back. According to the Danbury News Times, the plane took off from the Danbury Airport when it soon become apparent there was a malfunction. It is not confirmed at this time what caused the plane to go down, but Stephen Williams, deputy fire chief for the Danbury Fire Department, says it may have been a pilot error or mechanical problem. These are theories, and it is not certain what happened. Chief Williams says they had a full tank of fuel, however, so that was not the crash cause. You can read the News Times article here

There has been no further update on the state of the passengers. All were taken to Danbury Hospital yesterday.

We will update you as more information comes in.


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