New Course Offerings (in the brand new space) at Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance

Now in it’s new home, Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance, under the direction of Christina Paolucci and Terence Duncan, announces new course offerings for the 2013-14 school year. 

The core curriculum of ballet, modern dance, tap, improvisation and jazz dance will be augmented by additional classes in yoga, musical theater, stage combat, ballroom dance, and an all-new session, DanceCraft, created specially for the toddler and parent by RCD faculty member Amy Piantaggini. Ballet for Boys, and Pre-Pointe, where the young dancer learns essential elements of strengthening and developing muscles prior to dancing in pointe shoes, are also new this season.

In addition to semester programming, we offer open classes for teens and adults in ballet, modern, tap, yoga. Also featured is another new course developed by Adelka Polak, also an RCD faculty member, “The Complete Class” features Pilates-based exercises, stretching and dance….all in 75 minutes!

Dance for 2’s | A new class for toddlers and parents

The Young Dancer program is being expanded with a brand new, specially designed class for our youngest dancers, DanceCraft.This unique 45-minute creative movement-based class explores fundamental elements of ballet and modern dance as well as yoga through structured play. Faculty member and mother, Amy Piantaggini, has created the DanceCraft Curriculum, where creative movement is supplemented by a story theme that is enjoyed through theater play, exploration of music through rhythms and songs, and even a “green” craft. This class, offered in six-week increments, is a perfect introduction to a dance activity for toddlers and parents.

To learn more about the Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance and to register for classes, click here.

Ballet for Boys

Designed as a supplement to the ballet technique class, the Ballet for Boys class, taught by RCD Co-Director, Terence Duncan, is an exploration of more athletic movements traditionally performed by the classical male dancer.  This class focuses not only on the foundational development of proper alignment and strength, but also the techniques of large jumping, turning and classical deportment.


To ensure that students are ready for pointe work, this introductory class is separate from regular ballet technique classes.  This class allows the instructor, RCD Co-Director Christina Paolucci, time to help the students in their development of the strength and alignment necessary for proper pointe work.  Recommendation for advancement to a pointe class is at the discretion of the instructor.  This class is a prerequisite for pointe technique classes in the ballet curriculum.

Yoga classes with Mind Body Dancer®

Developed by TaraMarie Perri, the class is rooted in an alignment-based, breath-focused, mindful Vinyasa style and are appropriate for anybody interested in cultivating sustainable pathways of the body and mind. Classes are thoughtful and detailed, educational and expressive, as they flowingly pair energetic imagery and anatomical themes. Warming up, foster the breath as the meeting ground for physical and mental clarity. Continue with steadily paced postures to build heat and safely connect to each pose's benefits. To round out a comprehensive yoga class with a Mind Body Dancer teacher, find grace in transitions between stillness and wind down with restorative postures and mind relaxation techniques. New practitioners create stable foundations, experienced yogis refine and re-connect, and those in between explore and experiment within the range of your body and mind's remarkable capacity. Conducted by Maggie Gavin

Stage Combat

An introduction to the principles of safe, historic, stage combat, this class places an emphasis on the awareness of body movement and focuses on the Western European sword (Rapier) in a non-violent manner.  New adjunct faculty member, John Cashman, conducts this course, geared towards students ages 12 and up who have an interest in developing their theatrical skills.

The Complete Class

Each session includes a warm-up with moving stretches, core strengthening through Pilates-based exercises and dance. Join us to get fit and feel great! Faculty member Adelka Polak creates a warm and inviting environment for beginners while maintaining motivation for more advanced students.

Open Classes for Teens and Adults
Open classes in ballet, modern, tap,Yoga with Mind Body Dancer®and “The Complete Class” are offered for those who would like to participate on a drop-in basis. Classes are for students ages 13 and up with some previous movement experience. Open Classes are for anyone that would like to revisit dance as a form of expression and enjoyment or would like an alternative to their workout routine.

            Open Ballet                                                                 Mondays         6:15 – 7:30
Yoga with Mind Body Dancer®                         Mondays         7:30 – 8:30
            Open “The Complete Class”                                       Tuesdays         7:30 – 8:45
            Open Modern                                                             Thursdays        7:45 – 9:00
            Open Tap                                                                    Saturdays        3:30 – 4:45

 Visit our website for the registration form, class schedules and other information.

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