Ridgefield Youth Starts Non-Profit to Aid Children of Soldiers

Campbell Kinsman, 13 year old daughter of The Little House Shoppe owner Christy Kinsman, has created BearHug, Inc., a non-profit organization helping the children of our United States servicemen and women deployed overseas by sending them monthly care packages.

Studies show that children who have a deployed parent suffer a higher incidence of depression and feelings of loneliness. BearHug, Inc's mission is to reach out to those children so that they know others are thinking both about them and their folks that are fighting for our freedom everyday.

Each package costs $25 a month. If you would like to make a donation, you can send a check to 113 Danbury Rd Ste. 7, Ridgefield, CT 06877 or give through the website at http://www.bearhug.biz/.

I had the privilege of interviewing Campbell about her amazing philanthropic project. 

1. What inspired you to create BearHug inc?

My theology teacher was talking about veterans and how poorly they were being treated. I began thinking about children whose parents are in the military and how they too faced the ultimate sacrifice.

2. Why do you want to reach out to military children?

When a parent gets deployed to serve our country they are leaving their families and this causes their kids to feel lonely and confused. These emotions can lead to depression.

3. Did you have any prior experience with military kids?

No, but my second cousins are military kids.

4. How can other kids your age get involved with your charity?

Other kids can help to raise money or they can donate new toys to BearHugs.

Please go to http://www.bearhug.biz/ and lend your support to this wonderful nonprofit. 



Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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