Locals Open Sleepy Pig Farm in Redding & Provide Safe Haven for Animals

Sleepy Pig Farm provides safe haven for animals: an interview with Tiffany Paltauf

Redding residents Tiffany Paltauf and Joe Bonitatebus are spreading their love of animals to the community in a big way by opening up the Sleepy Pig Farm sanctuary for four legged friends who can't find a home!

I had the great pleasure to interview Tiffany about her exciting new endeavor and the amazing impact the sanctuary will have for animals Redding and surrounding towns.

Tell me about the "Tea Time with the Pigs" event Sleepy Pig Farm will host on May 20 and what attendees and volunteers can expect to do and see when they come?

Answer: On May 20th from 11-1pm we invite everybody to come visit Sleepy Pig Farm, see the animals and enjoy a few light refreshments! People who want to volunteer can sign up on a sign up sheet for future dates to volunteer at the farm ! We hope to have a big volunteer date on June 3rd! Volunteers that sign up for that date or other dates will receive a complimentary t-shirt with our new logo!

How did your love of rescuing our four legged friends who are less fortunate begin?

Answer: My love for these adorable farm animals began when I was living in Vermont for a summer. I stopped by a local farm store and heard squealing from behind the counter. I was in awe at how adorable the piglets were that I just had to buy one !! That's when I found Maybelle and grew to love her. Learning to love Maybelle made me feel so passionate about all animals, especially those used for meat. It wasn't until I met Maybelle that I realized I need to change this the best I can.

You're also big into vegan eating. Tell me how important that is and how that ties into your love for animals

Answer: When I started to raise Maybelle, somebody offered me a sausage egg and cheese and I almost ate it . Then I realized that's kind of weird to eat the animal that I am keeping as a pet. That eventually led to me to research the meat and dairy industry, and when I learned how these animals were treated I knew I had to stop ! I saw the animals as pets and friends, not as a hot dog or a hamburger. Becoming vegan is May personal change to a more sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. The thing is, there's no bad reason to go vegan. It only hopes for better everything, environment, animal treatment and personal help. And vegan food is really good too!

OK - LOADED question. What has been some of the most FUNNIEST experiences with your animals that you've had thus far?

Answer: We have so many funny experiences with all of the animals. One of the funniest was probably when Joseph had food in his car and Petunia almost opened his car door by putting her snout under the door handle.. she was really close to getting into the car. Joseph and I were amazed at how intelligent she was. It was kinda crazy. I also think it's super funny how Maybelle knows my moms voice and whenever I say "Grandma has cookies" she runs towards the house. Haha.

What do you hope to see your sanctuary accomplish for animals?

Answer: We really hope to see our sanctuary keep the momentum that we have right now and have had for the past few weeks. We are flooded with emails, and the love for people to get involved keeps increasing! It's great! We love it ! We would love to see our sanctuary in the future rescue more farmed animals and expand on more pens to hold our future animals! We are so excited!

If you're in the Redding area this Saturday, please stop by the Sleepy Pig Farm at 579 Redding Road, Redding, CT from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM to see the AMAZING work that Tiffany and Joe are doing to be angels for animals!

Visit Sleepy Pig Farm Facebook Page here. 

Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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