Stunning Performance by Jason Peck, Alexandra Bazan, and Mike Boland in Thrown Stone's "Where All Good Rabbits Go"

Thrown Stone is heating up summer in Ridgefield with two totally creative and innovative theatrical performances! Go see the New England premiere of The Arsonists and Where All Good Rabbits Go NOW! 

Full disclosure: I went to see Where All Good Rabbits Go (by Karina Cochran and directed by Cyrus Newitt) last night. Wow. The captivating and thought-provoking performance captures life - its unpredictable twists and turns and our response and reaction to the unexpected. At its core, Where All Good Rabbits Go is about love.

Co-Artistic Director Jason Peck makes his Thrown Stone acting debut (in a powerful and stunning way) way as Walter. Married to Julia, Alexandra Bazan, Walter learns from Julia's brother, Dr. Dorn, played by Mike Boland, that life as he knows it (and loves it) will soon change dramatically. He will become a rabbit. But why now? Why Walter? He's young. He's in love. 

Walter's transformation into a rabbit is a metaphor for our own mortality.  Life will change - but will it end? Where do all good rabbits go?   

Performances take place at the Black Box Theater inside Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance through August 4th. 

Purchase tickets here.

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