Aline Weiller's essay Laugh Track, published in Books, Ink at HamletHub, wins 2nd place in CT Press Club contest

Congratulations to Weston resident Aline Weiller for winning second place in the 2020 Connecticut Press Club communications contest for her Personal Essay “Laugh Track” published in Books, Ink at HamletHub.

Below is an excerpt of Weiller’s article:

 A super fan of all things humorous, I’ve dragged (operative word) my husband and other willing pals to dive bars, indie clubs, and church basements to catch a new comic or improv troupe, even if I was their cult following of one (a la the sole fan, Mel, in HBO’s former Flight of the Conchords). A writer by trade, I have a soft spot for creatives — those who live out loud — bravely and vulnerably pursuing their craft with fingers crossed for applause, acceptance, approval. I attend art exhibits, theater debuts, memoir readings and the like in support of my fellow comrades. I am a dream champion. Having published (and initially, shyly shared) many personal essays, I get it. We put ourselves out there; it’s our job. Stand up is an offshoot of my first love, writing, and a welcomed new hobby. Call it my midlife crisis.

You can read the award-winning essay in its entirety here.

“Having coordinated its launch back in 2013, Aline is part of the fabric of Books, Ink at HamletHub,” said Kerry Anne Ducey, founder of HamletHub. “She has been a valuable contributor ever since and worked closely with our amazing publisher, Sally Allen. 

Weiller, founder and CEO of Wordsmith LLC remarked, “It has been a joy to be a peripheral part of the Hamlethub team.”

“Aline is a talented writer with a voice that combines humor and heart. We are thrilled that she, once again, is being recognized by the Connecticut Press Club” said Ducey.

Learn more about Aline Weiller and Wordsmith LLC here.

Founded in the 1970s, the Connecticut Press Club is comprised of men and women who work statewide as professional writers, editors, and other media professionals. Learn more about the Connecticut Press Club and the 2020 Communications Contest here.

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Fun fact: Aline has performed stand-up comedy at The Ridgefield Playhouse, part of Christine O'Leary's Stand-up Comedy Graduation Showcase! 

Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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