Meet Ridgefield High School Music Program's Student of the Month

Congratulations to the RHS Music Program’s March’s Student of the Month Anirudh Krishnan!! Anirudh, or Ani for short, is an outstanding member of the music program at RHS and has made countless contributions to better the program as a whole. His leadership and ability to take the initiative has kickstarted a program within the music department that will last for many years to come. Also, he is a strong player that has led his section to success.

This year, Ani founded a mentoring program to help both middle school and elementary school students solidify their passion for music during the pandemic when social interaction is minimal. The program encourages players of higher levels to become leaders, establish connections between students of different ages throughout the community, and allow for members of the music program to explore their skills and instruments.

In addition to creating this vital program, Ani is the section leader of the second violins in RHS’s Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra, a member of the RHS Music Program’s leadership council, a violin player in Rockestra, and a WCYO member. As a result of all of the different ways he has contributed and committed to the program, he has shown an exceptional ability to take the initiative and to use his strong leadership skills to change and impact the music program for the better.

Outside of the music program, Ani is a STEM-oriented student. Therefore, he participates in the school’s Science Olympiad as Science Captain, Math Team, Economics Club, Debate Team, and National Honors Society. In addition to his school-related activities, Ani is also very active in community service. Moreover, he has won first and third place in the designer genes event during the Sacred Heart Invitations, received Symphony Orchestra honors recognition, and obtained the Lions Heart volunteering awards, the Torchbearer, and has been nominated for the Pride of the Lion’s Award. Alone, his achievements in the music program are impressive; however, his achievements through and outside of school organizations make him especially noteworthy.

Ani enjoys spending time with his friends and family, playing board games and video games, reading books, and watching movies in his free time. In the future, Ani plans to do lots of research in biomedical engineering. Ani plans to continue music more as a hobby throughout college, such as through a club, organization, or ensemble, and he has benefited a lot from the music program as it has helped him meet and make new friends as a result of common interests. Ani’s contributions to the music program at RHS have visibly improved the program for the better, and he shows excellent characteristics that will help him succeed in the future. As a result, the RHS music department thanks him for all that he has done and hopes the best for him in his future endeavors!

Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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