Ridgefield Responds Joins Forces with Rotary Club Ukraine, Launches Mobilization Effort to Support Ukrainians

Ridgefield Responds is Ridgefield’s own community mobilization effort to support humanitarian initiatives locally and abroad.

The organization, which launched after Hurricane Katrina, and also provided aid to people after the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Sandy and with local rent assistance after the COVID-19 outbreak, is now re-mobilizing to activate the power of the Ridgefield community to help the Ukrainian people and the devastating situation in Ukraine.

On Monday, members of Ridgefield Responds got as close as it gets to Ukraine, its people, and their plight thanks to the efforts of Ridgefield resident and native Ukrainian, Ross Voytovych, who served as a translator during an hour-long kick off Zoom meeting with Rotary Club Ukraine Lviv-Leopolis.

Creating a bond between Ridgefield and Ukraine, Ross facilitated an incredible conversation where our community introduced itself and learned about the immediate medical and humanitarian needs of the Ukrainian people. The Lviv-Leopolis Rotary Club members, who include renowned doctors, professors and large and small business owners, will help directly inform the local Ridgefield Responds efforts.

Looking into the eyes of Rotary members, we saw what true resilience and solidarity look like. Rotary members spoke about rockets exploding overhead and families fleeing. One of the members said, “We are united. Everything we do is for our victory.”

They are committed to staying the course and are determined not to let Russia take over their sovereign nation. Here in Ridgefield, through Ridgefield Responds, we can help them with immediate support, intended to save lives and fortify their strength.

Ridgefield Responds plans to work directly with the Rotary Club Ukraine Lviv-Leopolis who are “boots on the ground” and will directly deliver supplies and funds where they are most needed. Other direct connections in Ukraine will include churches, synagogues, fighting units and citizens who are friends and family of our Ukrainian-American committee members.

Ridgefield Responds mobilization efforts are underway and the community can expect to learn more about how we can best help our Ukrainian neighbors in the coming weeks.

Follow Ridgefield Responds on Facebook and Instagram (@ridgefieldrepsonds) and check out the new website at ridgefieldresponds.org. The website is currently “under construction” but will soon be a great resource for the community to learn about the initiative, fundraising efforts, types of aid, ways to help, and the Ukrainian needs in real-time.

Donations are already being accepted here.

Ridgefield Responds operates under Friends of Ridgefield Community Programs, Inc, a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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