Ridgefield OEM Hurricane Season Prep

Are You Ready for the Next Weather Event?

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1 and ends on November 1. But when was the last time Mother Nature paid attention to a calendar? Yes, Isaias, Irene and Sandy all blew through town during tropical cyclone season, but Ridgefield has also endured a May macroburst, a June microburst, and an October nor’easter that dumped two feet of snow and smothered the hopes of trick-or-treaters.

Each of these weather events left most of Ridgefield without power for several days and many without water to drink, shower, or toilets that flushed. NOW is the time to plan and prepare for all weather-related emergencies, especially hurricanes and tropical storms.

Preparing now while shelves are stocked may gift you life-saving supplies during an emergency. The Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) recommend that everyone make a solid preparedness plan for all family members and pets. This includes replacing expired provisions and supplies depleted during the pandemic or other storms. At minimum, make sure you have enough to be self-sufficient while sheltering in place for three to seven days.

To help the Ridgefield OEM and CERT teams keep you safe, sign up today for Ridgefield Emergency Alerts at RidgefieldAlerts.com. We can’t alert you to emergencies if we can’t reach you.

For questions, call Town Hall at 203.431.2700 or email: pio@ridgefieldoem.org.

Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for a weather event:

● Plan where to meet your family if you get separated.
● Appoint an out-of-town contact person who can update family members and share information.
● Store one gallon of water per person, per day, for one week.
● Store enough non-perishable food for each person for one week.
● Store enough water and food for each pet for one week.
● Have a manual can opener on hand.
● Refill all human and pet prescription medications ahead of storm.
● Update first aid supplies and over-the-counter medications.

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