Ridgefield Letter: What’s going on at 27 Abbott Avenue?

What’s going on at 27 Abbott Avenue? The uninvited neighbor!

The not-very-neighborly proposed project on 27 Abbott Avenue should be viewed as a threat to any Ridgefield homeowner. The property at 27 Abbott Avenue consists of a single-family home, close to two other homes.

The good neighbor ALIMI VETON is proposing a three-story residential building comprised of 14 individual townhouse-style units on a .47 acre. Each townhouse will have 2 bedrooms and a one-car garage to provide resident parking. Let’s hope the residents don’t have more than one car.

Where will resident overflow parking go? This road is very narrow, and street parking is not allowed based on zoning regulations.

Will emergency management services be able to access the property efficiently? A small green space will be available for the residents to use at the facility and will include a picnic table. A picnic table. How neighborly. Where will children play?

The recent infiltration of buildings in Ridgefield must stop. Bailey Avenue, North Salem Road, Prospect Street and the Villages at Ethan Allen Highway are just a few projects on the table, or already being built.

Traffic in town is already at a standstill. Does Ridgefield have the infrastructure to support these and many others to come?

Our homes and neighborhoods must be protected! Our homes are one of our most important assets and biggest investments.

This proposed project will take a village to stop!


Ridgefield Residents for Smarter Development (RRSD)

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Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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