Ridgefield Letter: Abbott Ave

27 Abbott Ave

Like a number of people in the Town of Ridgefield, I am appalled by Mr. Veton’s proposal for 27 Abbott Ave. To allow this 14-unit obscenity to be built means similar buildings can be built anywhere, on any street.

I am also disheartened by our Selectman’s comment about this building. He says, "There are other apartment buildings on the street" as if they are all the same as what’s being proposed. Yes, there are other apartment buildings on Abbott but nothing of this magnitude. There are a number of 2-3 apartment units, I was involved in building one of these. There may also be one or two apartment buildings with 5-6 units each, but nothing on the scale of 14 units. These apartment buildings either existed for many years or were built to the permit which was granted and easily blend into the neighborhood.

I ask Mr. Veton, knowing the answer, which unit are you and your family going to live in? The one closest to Abbott Ave where 20 plus cars will be driving back and forth across your dwelling daily or the unit in the back where you might have to add 20 minutes to your trip to get out onto the road?

Dan Rossini

31 Abbott Ave

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Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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