Welcome Home…Let’s Chat About Fall Projects and Decor!

It’s here!! Pumpkin Spice everything, colors reflecting warm reds, oranges and yellows, great pumpkin weigh-offs, harvest moons and hayrides. While some may begrudgingly say goodbye to Summer, Fall represents a turning of the tides. The days shorten, the sunlight becomes less harsh, and the evenings become cooler and longer.

For a lot of us in New England, Fall means brilliant color and warm fires. It’s a time for slowing down and celebrations like Thanksgiving and Halloween. To that end, embrace the cozy and vibrant spirit of Fall in your home by bringing the beauty and warmth of the season indoors. Whether you’re an experienced decorator or just looking to add a touch of autumnal charm, these decorating tips will help you create an inviting atmosphere.

Welcome with a Festive Front Door

Start your fall decorating journey at the front door. Hang a fall wreath made of colorful leaves, pinecones, and miniature pumpkins. Add a festive welcome mat and a few potted mums to set the tone for your home.

Cozy Up with Blankets and Pillows

Swap out lightweight summer throws and pillows for chunky knit blankets and plaid or autumn-themed cushions. Choose warm, earthy colors like deep oranges, rich browns, and forest greens to create a snug atmosphere.

Nature-Inspired Décor

Go for a natural look by using elements from nature. Gather twigs, acorns, and pinecones to make unique DIY decorations like wreaths, garlands, or candleholders. Spray paint them in metallic shades for a touch of elegance.

Fall Floral Arrangements

Swap out your summer blooms for fall flowers like sunflowers, dahlias, and chrysanthemums. Arrange them in rustic containers like mason jars, watering cans, or wooden crates to add a touch of countryside charm.

Seasonal Table Setting

Elevate your dining experience with a fall-themed table setting. Use rustic chargers, autumn-colored placemats, and seasonal dishes. Incorporate elements like cinnamon sticks, tied with twine, as napkin rings for an extra touch of creativity.

Illuminate with Warm Lighting

Create a cozy ambiance with warm lighting. Replace cool-toned bulbs with soft, warm ones to mimic the gentle glow of autumn sunsets. Consider adding string lights or lanterns for extra charm.

Fall-Inspired Art and Crafts

Get creative with autumn-themed art and crafts. Paint pumpkins, make leaf-shaped garlands, or create a DIY wreath. Display your masterpieces throughout your home to showcase your artistic flair.

Don't be afraid to mix and match different elements to create a unique and personalized fall look that suits your style. And remember, Fall is a time for friends, family and field trips to the great outdoors. Take advantage of potluck dinners, hot toddy’s, apple cider, fireplaces, and visits to your local apple-picking farm.

Happy Fall!

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