Ridgefield High School Music Department Names December Student of the Month

The RHS Music Department is pleased to announce that Graham Kitchin has been selected as November’s Music Student of the Month. His dedication to his section, his teachers, and the music community have made him an amazing student throughout his years working with the Ridgefield Music Community.

Graham has been singing since elementary school, and continued throughout middle and high school. He has been a dedicated chorus member, determined to improve his skills and the music community in every way he can. Since his sophomore year, Graham has worked as the Conductor’s Assistant for choir, and as a senior, he has also taken on the role of the choir’s Bass Section Leader. Additionally, he was just accepted as a bass in the 2024 CMEA Western Region Mixed Choir! When interviewing Graham for this article, he spoke about how much he has loved being a part of the music community, and reflected upon his positive experiences working alongside his choir teacher, Mrs. Verney-Fink. 

The positive feeling is mutual, as RHS Choir Director Mrs. Verney-Fink says, “Graham is a leader in our RHS Choir program both inside and outside of rehearsal.  His great singing skill combined with his dedication to choir and music is commendable.  He works hard on his own to learn and prepare his music in order to effectively lead both as Concert Choir Conductor's Assistant and as a member of his ensembles. Graham understands that our choir's success depends on each person's daily contributions, and this attitude makes him a great role model for his peers.”

Outside of singing in choirs, Graham is a member of the Civil Air Patrol and he is the RHS tiger mascot. He works at 850 along with the Ridgefield Recreation Center, and also volunteers at both Rock and Rescue and the American legion. 

Whether in or out of the Ridgefield High School music community, Graham keeps busy working hard and giving back. Graham commented, “As long as you put your mind on something you can go to the stars.” The music community is incredibly grateful for all the hard work Graham has put into making the community a better place, and he will be missed when he graduates this year.

For more information, visit ridgefieldhsmusic.org and ridgefieldmusicparents.org.

Submitted by Julia Salomone

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