Welcome Home…Let’s Chat About A Fabulous Opportunity to Build Your Dream Home!

Building your own home offers a unique opportunity for customization and personalization, allowing you to create a living space tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle. And I’m lucky enough to represent a rare land offering in Ridgefield that would allow you to do just that!

Lot 1B on newly developed Ives Court off Pine Mountain Road is 6.46 acre lot with exceptionally stunning views overlooking never-to-be-developed open space. Currently listed at $550,000, the property has been zoned RAAA and owner/builder, Bob Cioffoletti offers options for siting, designing and building your dream home with him or a builder of your choice.

Unlike purchasing an existing home, where you may need to compromise on certain features or make costly renovations to meet your requirements, building from scratch provides a blank canvas. You have the freedom to design the layout, choose materials, and incorporate innovative and sustainable technologies that align with your vision. This level of control ensures that every aspect of your home reflects your individual taste and enhances your overall satisfaction with your living environment. Whether it's the layout of the rooms, the choice of flooring, or the integration of smart home systems, building your own home empowers you to craft a space that truly feels like a reflection of your identity.

To see subdivision and zoning maps, or additional photos, visit my website. If you’re interested in walking the land, contact me today and we’ll set up a time. I’d love to say “Welcome Home!” to your vision.

Submitted by Ridgefield, CT

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