Power Has Been Restored to 85% of Town

  • As of 6:00pm on Saturday, September 3, 85% of town has power and CL&P has brought Ridgefield, although hit hardest in our area, in line with other towns in regard to power restoration. Mr. Marconi hopes that by 5pm on Monday, September 5, 99.9% of power will be restored.
  • The boil water advisory for Rural Water customers has been lifted.
  • The transfer station is open tomorrow, Sunday, from 12-4pm and all brush disposal is free of charge. There is a fee for garbage dumping.
  • Power has been restored to all schools and the first day will remain September 6 & free lunch will be offered.
  • If a power line is down on your property, please call: 800-286-2000 to report.
  • If all of your neighbors have power, but you are still out, call: 203-431-2351 or 2352 to report it.
  • CL&P has agreed to fix an electrical box repairs where the box hooks up to your home.
  • The Rec Center is no longer an overnight shelter but will remain open until 10pm with water & charging stations.
  • As your power returns, you may get smoke coming from your chimney. This is normal and there is no need to worry unless your home fills with smoke; in which case you should call the fire department or 911.


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