Clark Construction on adding character to your home- one book at a time

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At Clark Construction, we love making a house a home. One way we bring warmth and comfort to a home is by building bookcases or ‘nooks’.

We can build a reading nook into a corner, and even add a window seat for the ultimate reading comfort.

For more of a “library” feel, place bookshelves in strategic vantage points of your home, such as in the corners or beside the fireplace. Browsing someone’s reading collection gives guests an inside look into who lives in the home and adds flavor to a room.

Find a location for a bookcase to house a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference materials. It's fun to look something up rather than "Google" it.

In our home, we have an ancient copy of the unabridged Webster dictionary on a small bookcase near the dining room table, so we can have "dictionary time" when a word comes up at mealtimes that we want to know more about!

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