Esssential to Spring Cleaning: A well 'edited' closet

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean vacuuming those dust bunnies living under the living room sofa or wiping away winter’s grime from your windows.  Your closet needs a spring cleaning as much as your windows do.

Behind every well dressed woman is an organized, up to date closet.  A closet, jam- packed with stained blouses, skirts from the nineties and that oh-so-precious Laura Ashley dress just clouds your view of the perfect outfit.  Your morning routine is laborious and time consuming at best!

Here are some rules to follow when spring cleaning you closet.

First and foremost; if you haven’t worn something in 2 years, get rid of it.  The rule used to be one year, but I have pulled things out of my closet and worn them after a year and they still looked great. 

Make some time in your day and try on EVERYTHING. Now, make four piles.

Clothes that fit and make you look and feel great AND flatter your body the way it is now should go in the first pile.

Clothes that are still stylish and are of good quality but need some repairs, hems or buttons changed, should go in the second pile for the tailor.

Garments that are in good conditions but just don’t suit you should go in a pile for charity.

And last but not least, the fourth pile is for the unsalvageable.  There is no hope for these pieces.  Get them to a trash can!

This closet purging exercise will expedite your morning routine and you will have taken the first step to a well - edited closet.

Article written by Patty Douville, Partner with Kaki Johnson in APLOMB, a Fashion Consultancy and Closet Editing Business in Fairfield County CT. 


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