RHS Students are Giving Back

Millennials are often defined as self-interested. Luckily, the teens of Ridgefield defy this characterization. The students at Ridgefield High School have recently been very charitable. For a variety of organizations, Ridgefield's teens have taken advantage of their resources in order to give back.

Ridgefield High School's student government has accumulated a monetary surplus according to their treasury report. There are very few expenses for the rest of the year, and after numerous fundraisers, the student government has approximately a $5,000 surplus. The student government decided it would be best giving the remainder to a worthy cause rather than letting the money sit. They decided to give the money to local causes. With President Sarah Baer leading the charge, the rest of the government voted to donate $3,000 of their $5,000 to the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen. The other $2,000 will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the name of Kelley Donnelly, an RHS Senior who recently finished chemotherapy for stage IV lymphoma.

Of course, there is another issue on the minds of everyone at RHS, and that is the passing of sophomore Emma Sandhu. The Ridgefield Philanthropic Youth Council (PYC), a group of 22 high school students that raise money and donate it back to local charities, is having a fundraiser with Piccolo Pizza from Tuesday, March 25, to Thursday, 27. If one brings in the completed form posted on the Ridgefield Philanthropic Youth Council website, 10% of the profits made on these days will be given to the PYC, and 100% of the money that the PYC raises will go to the Emma Sandhu Scholarship Fund at Ridgefield High School.

Additionally, other RHS students have made individual, personal contributions to the Emma Sandhu Scholarship Fund. Because the incident was close to heart for so many students, many have decided to give what they have.

This trend of charity is one that brings hope to Ridgefield. It is excellent to see kids with such great resources and outlets taking advantage them in order to benefit those who surround them. We are delighted to see such a trend, and hope this positivity continues for months and years to come.