Ridgefield Youth Football Players Donate Seasons Worth Of Touchdowns to Local Nonprofits

Touchdowns that mean more than points for your team

Ridgefield resident, Anne Tasch, who launched a philanthropic program for the Ridgefield Youth Football League called Touchdowns for Tomorrow, reported that the young athletes collectively raised over $4,757 for the nonprofits in the community.

Touchdowns for Tomorrow was a win-win. Literally. Scoring touchdowns equaled donations for local nonprofits. Throughout the season, players received pledges from friends and relatives for their team’s touchdowns. “Each team chose a local nonprofit to donate to,” says Tasch.

Perhaps a moment filled with more pride than a ball over the end zone came at the conclusion of the season when the players presented funds to the nonprofit who reaped the rewards of games well played.

“At the year-end party for each team the charity spokesperson came and the kids presented them the check,” explains Tasch.

And, here’s how it all went [touch] down:

3rd grade raised $1026.00 for RVNA

4th grade raised $675 for We Will Ride Therapeutic Riding in Ridgefield

5th grade raised $2000.00 for The Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield

6th grade raised $457 for the Molly Ann Tango Foundation

7th grade team raised $600 for Meals on Wheels.

Rest assured, Touchdowns for Tomorrow, which is teaching lessons that extend far beyond the football field, will continue. “I was over the moon about all we have back with the program and this was only the beginning!” says Tasch.