Ridgefield Police Officer Erik Hartling Takes On Allison Stockel's Pushup Challenge!

After Ridgefield Police Department announced Pushups for the Pantry, committing to do ten pushups for each donation made to Ridgefield Social Services, Allison Stockel, the Executive Director of The Ridgefield Playhouse and a true champion of everything local upped the ante.

Ten pushups? Come on, you're cops! Let's make it 100 in a minute and I'll donate $1,000 in local gift cards to residents in need!

Ridgefield Police Officer Erik Hartling showed his physical fitness prowess and made the Department proud by rocking 100 pushups in 57 seconds! Way to go Officer Hartling!

A few community members stepped up to the plate with matching donations and Allison purchased nearly $2,000 in local restaurant gift cards for Ridgefield Social Services to hand out to those in need.

YOU can donate and help others- the dropbox is in front of the Ridgefield CT Police Department.

Watch Officer Erik Hartling in action HERE.




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