Newcomers Club of Ridgefield GIVES BACK with Quarantine Cookbook Project

Quarantine Cookbook Project

The Quarantine Cookbook Project: Soul-soothing Recipes for a Month of Sundays, a unique take on a cookbook, has recently been published by the Newcomers Club of Ridgefield.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to three local charities -- Meals on Wheels of Ridgefield, Ridgefield Food Pantry, and Animal Nation (South Salem).

Marianne Castano, the originator of the Project, felt that the Club’s members were likely spending a lot of time in the kitchen and could use some inspiration from others.  So, the Newcomers Quarantine Cookbook project team was formed and they got to work.  The team asked club members to share the recipes they were turning to during the “stay at home” period, curated them, added tips, pictures and memes, and packaged it all into a digital book. Angela MacManus and Andrea Caulfield applied their myriad of talents to the Project, with the result being more than a cookbook, it’s a time capsule that reflects this extraordinary time.

The sub-title of the cookbook, “Soul-soothing recipes for a Month of Sundays,”comes from a British expression, meaning “a really long time.”  Most of us can certainly relate to the strange sense of elongated time we’ve been experiencing during the quarantine period, and we all could probably enjoy some soul soothing as well.


To support this cause and buy a cookbook please visit:     https://ridgefieldnewcomers.org/Shop


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