Apply for Ridgefield Thrift Shop Grants Through January 31, 2023!

It is that time of the year for our local non-profits to apply for an RTS Grant.

The grant submission process has changed and is entirely online. Paper applications will no longer be accepted and will not be considered for funding.

Please don't wait until the last minute, as this new process may require extra time because of the format and additional requirements for submission. January 31st at midnight is the FINAL deadline.

The link for grant application is located on our website www.RidgefieldThriftShop.com/grants-scholarships

The Ridgefield Thrift Shop was founded in 1937 with a mission to “support other local nonprofits by recycling, repurposing and reselling generously donated goods.” The shop is staffed entirely by more than 100 volunteers who manage every aspect of the retail operation and the charitable philanthropy of the organization.



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