Connecticut Office of the Arts Hosting Conference in October for Local Musicians

READI Set…Music Conference Will Be Held in New Haven on October 7, 2023

Governor Ned Lamont yesterday announced that the Connecticut Office of the Arts will host the “READI Set…Music Conference” on Saturday, October 7, 2023, at NXTHVN in New Haven.

This dynamic, one-day event will feature panel discussions, informational sessions, and live music performances, providing an opportunity to celebrate Connecticut’s vibrant music scene while empowering local artists and musicians with industry knowledge, networking opportunities, and a platform to showcase their artistry.

The conference will bring together Connecticut-based music and interdisciplinary artists on a mainstage platform to promote connectivity within the state’s creative community, aiming to cultivate the music infrastructure in the state and providing a space for information sharing and community building among artists, musicians, and enthusiasts. Additionally, it will celebrate Connecticut’s music legacy, including a special keynote conversation highlighting the role of Connecticut creators in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

Anyone interested in the music industry is encouraged to attend. Tickets can be purchased online at readiset.splashthat.com.

Panels and sessions will provide artists with essential knowledge and tools for success. The session “Protect Yourself” will cover vital topics such as contracts, copyrights, splits and royalties for artists, bands, producers, and music creators. In the session “Hitmakers,” attendees will learn hands-on tools to produce music from some of the rising producers and legends in the game.

The session “Plug and Playscape” will provide a unique opportunity for artists to share their music in a laid-back, bedroom-like setup with aux cord and Bluetooth connection, as well as instruments to create with in real time. Other sessions will include discussions on the topics of mixing and mastering, engineering, photography, stage design, creative direction, and live performances.

The conference is spearheaded by the Connecticut Office of the Arts in partnership with The Breed Entertainment; the City of New Haven’s Department of Arts, Culture, and Tourism; Sweets & Sounds Entertainment; and Cultured AF.


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