Town of Ridgefield BOS Meeting and Special Meeting on September 6: View Agendas

Town of Ridgefield Special Board of Selectmen Meeting and BOS Meeting on September 6, 2023

Town Hall Large Conference Room

Special BOS Meeting - 6:30 pm


1. Executive Session 

a. Highway Agreement

b. Possible Land Purchase

c. Deputy Fire Marshal 

2. Back to Public

3. Possible Vote

Board of Selectmen Meeting - 7:30pm


1. Public Comment 

2. Pension Commission – Town of Ridgefield, Police & Fire Pension Plans

3. Settlement Agreement - 162 Old West Mountain Road

4. Environmental Club – Presentation 

5. Ridgefield Pride – Presentation 

6. Alleyway Beautification - Presentation

7. Appointments

a. Affordable Housing Committee - Jennifer Brakenwagen (member)

b. Board of Ethics – Yannis Tzamouranis (alternate)

c. Golf Committee - Trudy DeVivo (alternate)

8. Road Classification Ordinance

9. Charter Revision - Drafted Ballot Questions

10. Approval of Meeting Minutes

11. Selectman’s Report

For questions, visit Town of Ridgefield online https://www.ridgefieldct.gov/



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